February 25, 2016

Top Cities to Host Your Branded Event

Time and time again our clients ask us to wow them with a new venue or event concept that’s out of the box.

Of course, our main objective at EOE is to create legendary events customized to our client’s vision. No matter the size of your budget or audience, leaving your guests with a memorable impression is important  – so for fun at the EOE offices we host brainstorming sessions and dream up some pie in the sky style event locations and cities to keep in our secret vault. We are letting some of our secret location obsessions out of the bag just for you.  Here’s our list of our favorite cities that we want you to take a look at.

  1.    New York, New York– This may seem a little straightforward, but is it certainly one of the most underrated places to hold an event. New York City is designed with nooks and crannies that you never believe existed, like 501 Union and Tribeca Rooftop. These spaces are unique, and hidden among the concrete jungle, and they’re waiting for your event.885179_146678078832393_1087703752_o-1190x793

Source: http://tribecarooftopnyc.com/events-gallery/corporate-events/

  1.  San Francisco, California-This leading, traditional, city of California has been the hub of social living for the past decade. The expanding population, and great appreciation for tourism is what makes this city perfect for hosting legendary events. Some of our favorites that we have found are the San Francisco Ferry Building and a Celebrity Cruise’s ship docked in San Francisco bay called the DreamBoat. The ship holds over 150,000 people, and custom creates your company’s logo for the pool on their party deck.


Source: Lori Paladino Photography

  1.  Chicago, Illinois– While we can all agree what waterfront venues are the go-to for “spectacular events” we’ve found some for you in the MidwestFrom the City Winery, to The River Roast. These venues are known for their traditional architecture, and gorgeous city views. Many headquarters for Fortune 500 companies are located in the Midwest, so why not plan an event close to home that will make your company the talk of the town?

city-winery River-Roast-Private-Events-07

  1.  Miami, Florida – If your company likes warm weather mixed in with their innovations then you should check out Miami as a possible city for your event. The Temple House is a mix of clean slate, with technology and possibilities. With a large blank space you can customize this venue to be as enthusiastic as your brand. And who doesn’t like warm weather?



Have you ever been to a venue that absolutely stunned you? We would love it add it to our list! See our Pinterest board for more examples of what our little event planner minds dream about at night.