March 27, 2014

Trend Watch: A Black and White Inspired Events

One of the most important aspects of an event as the overall design comes together is the color scheme.

The color scheme of an event controls and dictates the majority of the mood and atmosphere at your event and is incorporated into almost every piece of decor that exists in your event space. If you’re looking for a classic color scheme that can be modern, formal, elegant, fun, and polished (all in one) – look no further than black and white for your next event. Below are some of our favorite ways to use black and white at events inspired by BizBash.

This table setup used at the Two by Two for Aids Art Gala and Action remains formal yet fun.

The bold stripes from the linen combined with the round glasses and candles make the table lively without using any extra colors! Even the clear square vessel used as a centerpiece adds another shape onto this table for more flare.

Image by Roderick Peña via BizBash


Eating black and white food may sound very bland and unappetizing, but this cake actually looks delicious at TV Land’s ‘Happily Divorced’ Season 2 Promotion event.

By designing such a beautiful shape in resemblance to a large vase of flowers, the focus is taken away from the lack of natural food color, and directed towards how elegant this cake really is.

Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images via BizBash


It’s okay to break the rules and add tiny pops of color to your event space while still maintaining a primarily B&W color palette. The Art Institute of Chicago’s Woman’s Board Gala incorporated yellow flowers that immediately drew our eyes to the gorgeous birdcage inspired centerpieces at this event space.  We also love the mismatched linens on each table. Since they all fall into the black and white color scheme, the linens still work cohesively for the event. And those light fixtures? Absolutely breathtaking.

Image by Courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago via BizBash


Who says you need to have all of the chairs in your event space match? BET’s “Pre” Dinner Before the BET Awards opted to have at least 5 different styles of chairs from what we can see in this photo. From paisley prints to outlined ghost chairs and solid chairs, we love how the entire look of this event space came together.  The bold phrases on the walls are great added décor that makes a serious statement without overbearing the very busy event space.

Image by Davide DePas Photography via BizBash

5 The San Francisco Symphony’s Black and White ball used this color scheme to create an amazingly elegant minimalistic and modern event. By combining vintage-styled side tables with modern patterns like chevron and polka dots, the black and white color scheme worked perfectly to combine classic and modern into one. The simple color scheme also highlights the beautiful greenery that this venue is exposed to.

Image by Damion Hamilton via BizBash

To see many more ways of how to incorporate a black and white color palette into your event, see our Pinterest board!  Unsure on what color palette your event should have? Contact us, we’d love to chat about your upcoming event.

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