February 28, 2014

Unique Event Locations

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Time and time again our clients like us to wow them with a new venue or event concept that’s never been done before.

And of course, one of the main objectives at any event is to wow our guests. No matter the size of your budget or audience, leaving your guests with a memorable impression is important  – so for fun at the EOE offices we host brainstorming sessions and dream up some pie in the sky style events to keep in our secret vault. We are letting some of our secret location obsessions out of the bag just for you.  Here’s our list of unique event locations that can be found all around the world.

The Carton Restaurant, Taiwan


The Carton Restaurant may not be the most elegant restaurant to hold your event, but it is certainly out of the ordinary. Besides the food, staff, and some utensils, everything inside is made from corrugated cardboard and paper. For any client that is passionate about recycling, this is the place to impress them!

Source: Oddity Central

Sol Wave House Hotel, Spain


The Sol Wave House Hotel, in Magaluf, Spain is perfect for any event that wants a focus on social media or a push for guest interaction, this hotel is ideal. Sol Wave Hotel has established its own virtual community accessible only from its wifi that engages guests by using the hashtag, #socialwave. This is a great opportunity to track the opinions and thoughts of guests via tweets throughout the event and afterward.

Photo: Melia Hotel

Mas Provencal, France


The Mas Provencal, in Nice, France. There is no need to contact a florist, the interior and exterior of this restaurant is absolutely covered in fresh flowers. Once inside you feel immediately immersed in a French garden, and it’s difficult to see anything else besides flowers. Wilting flowers are replaced every day and though visually the flowers may be overwhelming, past restaurant go-ers describe the scent in the restaurant as fresh and pleasant. Guests can actually even snack on grapes and cherry tomatoes hanging above their tables. Yum!

Source: Mas Provencal Facebook

San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile


The World’s Largest Swimming Pool, in Algarrobo, Chile. Looking for a venue to fit thousands and thousands of guests? This is not your typical pool party! This man-made swimming pool covers over 30 acres in Chile and holds 66 million gallons of water, so don’t be surprised if you lose track of a few guests along the way.

Source: Huff Post

Have you ever been to a venue that absolutely stunned you? We would love you to add it to our list! See our Pinterest board for more examples of what our little event planner minds dream about at night.

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