July 16, 2015

Unique Summer Event Themes

The best events are always memorable – whether that be a concert, a gala, a charity event, the type is irrelevant really.

What matters, is how the event is executed and the experience.  The most memorable events are usually unlike anything else, so thinking outside of the box is a must for planners.  To awe your guests, you must exceed their expectations.

Our best ideas come from being inspired by other events.  See some of the most unique event ideas we’ve seen this summer:

Out of this World Theme

Sometimes, you just can’t decide on a theme.  So, why not combine two?

At the opening party of the Luminato Festival in Toronto last month, the event combined two theme ideas: Lush Forest and Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland, making for one of the coolest event themes we’ve seen.

forest room plants

The venue decorators went all out to bring this futuristic theme to life.  The rooms were filled with plants, trees, and even carpeted with sod.  The decorations attributed to the feel of the theme, but it didn’t end there.  The smell of live plants and noises typically found in a forest filtered through the air – yes, you could hear crickets.

To increase attendee participation, there was a DIY flower pressing station, and guests could get their makeup done at the Lancome flower-filled dome.

flower press  dining room  lancome dome

Photo credits: McNabb Roick Events & Bizbash

Human Canvases

Last month, architecture firm, Raw Design, took guest engagement to a whole new level.  During their annual party, they invited guests to paint the floors, walls, and themselves – don’t worry, they handed out full-body smocks.  The theme was “Raw Canvas” because the firm wanted to show how art and architecture were connected, and they did so by painting all sorts of shapes and objects.  Guests arrived at an undecorated event space, but after the event, all spaces were covered with paint.

paint 2   paint

The firm’s goal was to make sure the guests were able to participate in the making of the event and having fun.  4,000 Instagram posts later, they achieved their goal.

paint 3

Photo credits: Bobby Gundu


The Art Institute utilized an interactive bar and mixologist. The mixologist demonstrated how to make specialty cocktails that represented different exhibits displayed at the museum.

interactive bar

Photo credit: Al Zayed Photography

Sometimes, the most unique and out-there ideas can make for the best event, so don’t be quick to exclude any crazy ideas you come up with in a brainstorm.  As long as the theme is well thought out and comes full-circle for your brand, you can pull off a great, creative event that will get your guests talking and posting.

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