May 14, 2018

Up – up + away. See who’s on the move at EOE

Em here. I haven’t been on the Ellie blog in a while, but today I am honored and excited that I get to come back and share with you all some pretty fabulous news.

Back in December of 2009 I sat on my couch in my Prospect Street apartment in Stamford Connecticut and purchased Who knew that almost 9 years later I would be sitting here in my office surrounded by pictures of Prince Harry, former VP Joe Biden, my amazing clients and some epic brands. In that same timeframe I have seen East of Ellie continue to grow with the addition of Cindy Kapp in June of 2015 and of Karen Marin in January of 2017.

Our lives would not be the same without each other. I can genuinely say that I have a team I adore and I hope everyone can hear me, because in reading terms, I am doing my best to shout it from the rooftops. If you are looking for two individuals who support, coach and mentor each other and others, you do not need to look any further. They have both grown tremendously since I first met them – both as interns – and now my colleagues.

When I went out on Maternity leave these two planners stepped up their game and made us all proud. Having outgrown their current roles both Cindy + Karen have been promoted to new, more fitting titles that truly reflect what they actually do everyday. There is really no list that could include everything, but this at least scratches the surface. Please join me in congratulating them both on their recent promotions.

Cindy Kapp:

Planner, Event Logistics + Execution

The summer social intern turned event planner extraordinaire. Cindy has taken on greater responsibilities and will be managing key vendors and responsible for a greater amount of details on event day. If you are a caterer, floral designer, audio visual expert or a Spotify playlist, you are in great hands with CK.

Karen Marin:

Junior Planner, Event Management + Procurement.

Karen came into this role when we were knee deep in one of our largest events in history. She did so flawlessly and without hesitation. Karen joined us when we needed some serious administrative help (and for me a personal babysitter) but these days you will see she is a humongous part in our event execution. She is truly the glue that holds this group together. Karen, Sharon, Sharon Sharon. Whatever her real name is we couldn’t live without her.