BUXOM Global Conference May 2021

@ Virtual



The BUXOM Global Conference brings together executives from all over the world. Our goal was to give the attendees an on-brand one-of-a-kind virtual experience. 

We leveraged the spirit of the BUXOM Power UP!! Launch and turned our VIP speakers and attendees into the brand’s very own superheroes. We partnered with Drawing Booth to create custom one-of-kind drawings of the speakers and stickers for the photo booth. Colorful backgrounds and superhero-inspired creative visuals brought the theme to life from video content to PowerPoint templates. We made everyone feel powerful to conquer the second half of 2021.

Services: Logistics, Event Production + Creative, Theme Ideation, Event Execution, Zoom Management + Vendor Management
Event Add-Ons: Waiting Room Video, Sizzle Save The Date Video, Branded Event Website, Speaker Title Slides, Virtual Photo Booth, Branded PowerPoint Template

The only thing that has changed is the venue. Check out all the legendary things we bring to your next virtual event.