BUXOM Train The Trainer October 2020

@ Virtual



Welcome to the world of BUXOM.  We worked with David Birdwell, Director of Global Education and Artistry for BUXOM, to deliver this immersive training that took attendees all over the world on a deep dive into the brand DNA.

Attendees walked away feeling BIG. BOLD. SEXY. We also worked with the brand to bring a special guest speaker, Susanna Merrick from Aura Wear NYC to teach makeup artists how to identify client’s moods based on the color choices in their clothing.

Services: Logistics, Event Production + Creative, Theme Ideation, Event Execution, Zoom Management + Vendor Management
Event Add-Ons: Custom ASMR Waiting room video, branded event website, speaker title slides, branded PowerPoint template

The only thing that has changed is the venue. Check out all the legendary things we bring to your next virtual event.