July 9, 2015

Why Instagram is an Event Planner’s Secret Agent

As event professionals, we’re all about visuals, so of course Instagram is one of our FAVORITE social channels.

A few weeks ago, Instagram’s Explore page changed, and a buzz started generating about the updates that completely redesigned Instagram as we know it.

Although these changes are complex and some prefer the simpler Explore page, event planners have reasons to be all over it.  The goal of these updates is to allow its users to easily find photos from all over the world.  With the breakdown of People, Tags, and Places along with trending tags and discover themes, Instagram is easier than ever to navigate.

So, what does this all mean for event planners? Our lives just got a bit simpler.

Why we love the Instagram updates:

Search is magnified.

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Images by Instagram

WHAT HAPPENED: When searching on the new Explore page, Instagram now automatically merges accounts, hashtags, and location photos within your search.  All relevant photos are included in your stream of search criteria, so the range of your results is wider than ever before.


  1. Because we are able to see more pictures in one stream, it helps us visualize and have a better understanding of what will work before the on-site visit.  Whether we are looking for pictures of a certain venue or events with a rose gold color scheme, these updates help event planners see if their ideas will work in a particular setting.
  2. The magnified search also helps us find photos taken at our events or other industry events.  Whether an attendee used the official event hashtag or tagged the location, the photos will show up in one place, making it easier for event planners to gather post-event or gather inspo for their next.

 Trending tags

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Image by Instagram

WHAT HAPPENED: Trending tags is a quick and easy way to see what is trending around the world.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Event planners can see what is relevant to the event industry and post to their social media accordingly so they can be featured on the trending page.  This will increase exposure and followers.

Curated content


Image by Instagram

WHAT HAPPENED: The newest feature Instagram has released is the curated content pages that are displayed at the top of the Explore page.  These pages are created by Instagram employees that want to show the world unique content and themes which rotate twice a week.  These pages show new perspectives of the world, which inspires creativity and innovation.

WHY WE LOVE IT: For event planners, we are able to see some of the top locations around the world to keep in mind as locations or themes for future events.

Because of these updates, we find ourselves getting lost in the world of Instagram exploring all the amazing places now featured on the search page.  There’s truly nothing like stalking, or what we lovingly refer to as creeping in our offices, a venue on a social network…

Need a team that will search endlessly to find you the perfect venue?  Contact us today and let’s get planning!