November 4, 2015

You Know You’re an Event Planner When…

There comes a moment in every event planner’s life where they realize they are a special kind of crazy.

Maybe it’s when extra event supplies start avalanching out of your trunk, or when you realize you haven’t had a Sunday off in over a month. Either way, we love to embrace our insane yet fantastic lives that we have living the career we have chosen for ourselves.

Here are 25 ways to you know you are an event planner to the core:

  1. Almost every item in your closet is the color black
  2. When shopping for shoes you factor in comfort just as much as style
  3. The barista’s at the coffee shop know your order by heart
  4. You are caught on your phone, with your ipad close by and on and your laptop open
  5. At any event you attend, you can’t help but to lend a hand or fix a crooked linen
  6. Everyone responds to hearing your job title as “Oh, how fun!” You wish it was that easy.
  7. Making plans even months in advance still require you to check your calendar
  8. You know all the venues in your area inside and out
  9. Excel is your second language
  10. Your emergency kit contains the most random items, but have all saved the day one time or another
  11. Others often find themselves in awe of how organized you are on a daily basis
  12. A snack can always be found in your purse incase you are found working hours without a break
  13. Your desk is overflowing with past event swag
  14. Networking comes as second nature
  15. Nothing else excites you professionally more than event day
  16. You can pick out another event planner in a crowd just by their personality
  17. A regular 9-5 schedule is a thing of the past
  18. “That’s not my job” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary
  19. You can fix just about anything with a piece of duct tape
  20. Every family vacation has an itinerary whether the other members like it or not
  21. Plan B exists in every aspect of your life
  22. The to-do list seems to get longer every day
  23. Nightmares consist of no attendees showing up and bad hors d’oeurves
  24. Notebooks can be found by your bed, in your car, and three at your desk
  25. You have a sigh of relief after every successful event and realize how much you love what you do.

If you can relate, it’s official – you’re a full-blown event planner. Share this with a fellow event planner to see just how much you have in common!

Image by Avel Chuklanov,