March 13, 2014

Unexpected Ways to Transform your St. Patrick’s Day Event

Do you want to make your guests green with envy this March?  It’s easy, and can be done by throwing a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day party.

Celebrating the luck of the Irish with 4 leaf clovers, pots of gold, and of course everything green could never be a bad idea. From centerpieces, DIY décor and even to the shape and colors of your food, it’s easy to make your space look like it was decorated by a Leprechaun himself.  Here are our favorite unexpected ways to transform your St. Patrick’s Day event.

1.    Nothing brings a crowd of guests together like a good dip, and this 4 leaf clover shaped bread bowl encasing delicious spinach dip is easily a crowd pleaser. From appetizers, to main courses, to desserts, your possibilities of St. Patrick’s Day themed foods are endless. See more of our favorites here.

2.   Since most of your event is likely to be filled with green décor, keeping the tablecloths simple will ensure your color palette doesn’t become an overload of emerald green. This traditional tablecloth also signifies an authentic symbol of the Irish heritage, the Celtic Knot. Your true Irish guests will be very impressed!

3.   This beautiful centerpiece brings different shades of green to the middle of your tables as a focal point. Choosing mostly white or neutral décor with green accents can look stunning. Incorporating Granny Smith apples at the bottom of the vessel is an unexpected touch that will have guests fascinated.

4.  These fun green martinis can serve as the “lucky charm” for your guests. Sprinkling the rim with colorful candies makes this drink look like it’s suitable for kids, but beware, though it’s delicious, it is only for adults! To see the recipe click here.

5.  Whether your event is family centered or just for adults, this DIY décor piece is suitable for both. Using a rustic frame paired with all different colors of green clovers, this timeless décor piece can be displayed every year! Use a clover shaped stencil to cut out pieces in each color of thick paper or sturdy fabric. Then hang wire from one side of the frame to the other using a nail or screw to adhere on both sides. Finally, hot glue the back of your clovers to the wire and let dry.

Follow these event tips and you can’t go wrong, especially with the luck of the Irish on your side! See our Pinterest board for a complete list of St. Patrick’s Day themed event ideas. We hope your guests consider your event to be a pot of gold.

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