April 24, 2014

Graduation EOE Style

The beginning of May means the beginning of graduation parties. College grads around the country are finishing up their finals and begin their transition into real careers and independent lives.

After completing 16 years of schooling, we believe that is definitely a reason to celebrate. Most have already had their high school graduation parties but we believe this celebration calls to kick it up a notch. Since this is a celebration of closing the chapter of adolescent life and entering the young adult one, it’s time to throw an event as equally exciting.

The Guest List –Deciding whether this will be a small family event or a sendoff bash with all of your fellow grads can pull the event in different directions completely. Then again if your family still parties like they are in college, you can easily mix the two groups together! Once the approximate number of guests is set, an appropriate venue can be chosen.

The Venue – The best venues to use for any springtime event is one that allows guests to utilize indoor and outdoor space. If it is a 70 degree sunny day, nobody will want to be cooped up inside, but in case of a torrential downpour, a guaranteed indoor space is ideal. Choose a venue that is appropriate for the amount of guests you anticipate on attending; too big of an event space can lack intimacy and interaction, and too small can have your guests feeling cramped and unhappy.

Picking the Date – Since many of your friends will be graduating and throwing parties of their own, coordinate dates with your closest friends. Nobody wants to pick and choose which graduation event to attend between friendships. Avoid drama and hurt feelings at all costs!

Décor – Remember, we are out-doing your high school grad event, so no more tacky “Class of 2014” banners on the walls. Step your décor up a notch with creative DIY ideas shown on our Pinterest board here.

Food & Drinks – Though you may have been purchasing cheap alcohol and fast food during for most of your college career, entering adulthood means beginning to appreciate higher quality drinks and food. Meet with the bartender of your venue ahead of time and impress your guests with signature cocktails and classy drinks. Getting the event catered from a great local restaurant can alleviate stress and ensure a great meal that won’t leave your guests hungry!

Congratulations to all graduates of the Class of 2014! A special Congrats to our own grads, Cindy Kapp and Mallory Walsh! We hope your event is as successful as your future!

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