April 30, 2014

Unexpected Summer Cocktails

As you begin to plan your events for this summer, consider stepping up your drink menu to something that will surprise your guests.

At EOE, we don’t do anything that just touches on ordinary and simply pleases guests, we want to bring the WOW factor into every part of your event. A fun and unique cocktail menu is a perfect way to get any party started and if executed perfectly can be a memorable part of your event. See our list of unexpected summer cocktails including our signature EOE yellow drink!

1.   Cranberry Ginger Vanilla Margarita with Sugared Cranberries

This drink can be prepared for any season. The cranberries hint at autumn, while ginger and vanilla flavors bring in the winter season, and who doesn’t love a margarita in the summer!

2.   Watermelon Malibu Surf

If this drink doesn’t drift your mind off into a tropical oasis, we don’t know what will. Fresh fruit blended with coconut cream and rum is perfect for any summer event. We love how these are garnished with miniature watermelon wedges!

3.   Popsicle Cocktails

We love how creative and fun these cocktails look! For a light spritzer drink; combine equal parts champagne and ginger ale. For a fruity and stronger cocktail, add 3 parts ginger ale to 1 part white rum or vodka. Add the popsicles to either version right before serving and watch them dissolve as guests enjoy!

4.   Chili Cucumber Margarita

For guests that want to try a refreshing drink with a kick, the Chili Cucumber Margarita is sure to satisfy. Combining fresh cucumber, lime juice with tequila, triple sec, and cayenne pepper will have you feeling like you’re at an authentic Mexican fiesta!

5.   EOE’s Hard Lemonade

Our obsession with the color yellow continues with our own signature drink. Okay, so we didn’t have time to create our own recipe, but the Food Network helped us out. Instead of buying pre-bottled hard lemonade, taking the time to create this cocktail from scratch will make all the difference.  Fresh lemon, hints of lime, and vanilla flavored vodka is a perfect summer drink to celebrate all of EOE’s success!

Have you ever created your own unique signature cocktail? See our Pinterest board for more ideas on unique summer cocktails to take your summer event to the next level!

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