Meet our 2018 Summer Interns

This may just be our biggest summer ever here at EOE! Not only have our team members Karen and Cindy been killing it since their big promotions, but we have not one, not two, but THREE amazing new interns joining the team this summer. Our team is bigger and better than ever, and we really need it, because Ellie’s got a lot on her calendar this summer — you’re gonna want to stay tuned.

In the meantime, let’s meet these new party people:


Kiana Ahmadi

Junior Event Planner

Kiana is a senior at Pace University in Westchester. She’s an Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications Major with a minor in Special Events Marketing. She started in the event planning business when she was only 16, when she worked at Star Factory in Stratford & Trumbull CT hosting children’s birthday parties. This is where her love for event planning was born! During her junior year of college she worked at Westchester Magazine as a Marketing Intern, assisting in the planning and execution of all events. She gained hands on experience by contacting vendors, promoting events, and attending/working on site at the events.

She is beyond excited to work at EOE this summer! She hopes to gain more hands on experience, channel her inner creativity, and learn more about what goes into planning legendary events.

Fun Facts:

  • She is 100% Persian! Her parents both came here from Iran when they were teenagers — she’s a first generation American!
  • Fitness & food — two of her greatest passions
  • She is obsessed with purses
  • She’s California Dreamin’ of living in Cali one day

Want to know more about Kiana? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!


Siobhan McGorty

Junior Event Planner

Siobhan is a senior at the University of Alabama. She’s majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Events/Meetings Management. She previously worked at Amy Champagne Events, a wedding planning company, as a summer intern. There she worked the day of weddings by assisting in preparation, helping with the bride, transportation, and pretty much anything else that was needed to be done! She also holds a position in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, as Senior/Alumnae Relations chair in which she plans senior week activities as well as various events for our alumnae to come back and visit! She cannot wait to learn about all that goes on behind the scenes with planning legendary events for EOE!

Fun Facts

  • She spends most of her time at the beach
  • She’s an aspiring globetrotter — her most recent destinations? Ireland and Italy
  • Her teams: the NY Jets and Alabama football —  Roll Tide!
  • She’s 100% Irish — if you’re wondering, yes, her name is Gaelic

Want to know more about Siobhan? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!


Nicole Andreson

Marketing & Events Associate

Nicole is a senior at Roger Williams University. She stared out as an English/Education Double major, and quickly realized that was not her destiny. Now she’s a Creative Writing Major with a double minor in Arts Management and Graphic Design Communications and loving every minute of it!

Nicole has been an Events Coordinator for the RWU Creative Writing Department for the last 2 years, and this is where she fell in love with events — from brainstorming fun and cool event ideas to keeping on top of the chaos in the time leading up to the day-of. This past spring, she was helping to coordinate events for the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and is hungry for more! Interning with East of Ellie this summer was an obvious next step for her.

She’s excited to show the world what we’ve been up to on EOE’s social media (if you aren’t following us on Instagram @eastofellie, Twitter @EASTOFELLIE, and Facebook you’re probably missing out) and use her creativity and management skills to take on the many events and marketing challenges East of Ellie has in store for her.

Fun Facts:

  • She is the Screenwriting, Events & PR Chair for the RWU Film Production Collaborative  — a fancy-sounding job that mostly consists of making everyone sit still long enough for an instagram pic
  • Her phone is filled up mostly with pictures of her two cats
  • In her freetime, you can find her at a game night with her friends, getting them all to agree on dinner plans
  • Online shopping is her greatest weakness

Want to know more about Nicole? Check out her LinkedIn Profile!

Big dreams for event planning bliss?  Send us a note, we’d love to chat.

Up – up + away. See who’s on the move at EOE.

Em here.  I haven’t been on the Ellie blog in a while, but today I am honored and excited that I get to come back and share with you all some pretty fabulous news.

Back in December of 2009 I sat on my couch in my Prospect Street apartment in Stamford Connecticut and purchased Who knew that almost 9 years later I would be sitting here in my office surrounded by pictures of Prince Harry, former VP Joe Biden, my amazing clients and some epic brands.  In that same timeframe I have seen East of Ellie continue to grow with the addition of Cindy Kapp in June of 2015 and of Karen Marin in January of 2017.

Our lives would not be the same without each other.  I can genuinely say that I have a team I adore and I hope everyone can hear me, because in reading terms, I am doing my best to shout it from the rooftops.  If you are looking for two individuals who support, coach and mentor each other and others, you do not need to look any further. They have both grown tremendously since I first met them – both as interns – and now my colleagues.

When I went out on Maternity leave these two planners stepped up their game and made us all proud.  Having outgrown their current roles both Cindy + Karen have been promoted to new, more fitting titles that truly reflect what they actually do everyday.  There is really no list that could include everything, but this at least scratches the surface.  Please join me in congratulating them both on their recent promotions.


Cindy Kapp:  

Planner,  Event Logistics + Execution

The summer social intern turned event planner extraordinaire.  Cindy has taken on greater responsibilities and will be managing key vendors and responsible for a greater amount of details on event day.  If you are a caterer, floral designer, audio visual expert or a Spotify playlist, you are in great hands with CK.



Karen Marin:

Junior Planner, Event Management + Procurement.

Karen came into this role when we were knee deep in one of our largest events in history.  She did so flawlessly and without hesitation. Karen joined us when we needed some serious administrative help (and for me a personal babysitter) but these days you will see she is a humongous part in our event execution.  She is truly the glue that holds this group together. Karen, Sharon, Sharon Sharon. Whatever her real name is we couldn’t live without her.


In the city that never sleeps, we’ve searched high and low for great venues that give our clients the sense of New York City without submerging them in the hustle and bustle. One of our clients in particular that hosts an intimate learning and networking conference and wanted a cool, calm and collected atmosphere designed to inspire guests.  After our hunt, we couldn’t keep these gorgeous venues all to our self! Check out some our favorites below:

Brooklyn Winery

Ruffled - photo by - it to BK to hold one of our favorite venues in the city. Inside the rustic reclaimed wood environment, runs a fully functioning commercial winery and event space. “Fireside Chats” are becoming all the rage in corporate events to put a warm, welcoming twist on learning sessions, and although the venue does not have an actual fireplace-the warm and cozy atmosphere is undoubtably present. 

Located right over the Williamsburg bridge, this event space is just moments from the hustle of Manhattan, but is sure to leave the stress of the rat race at the door, for a cozy atmosphere  that is sure to relax any of your guests.


Bouley Botanical

Bouley-Botanical_2014_Wedding_Events_SpaceA venue designed for all of the 5 senses, The Bouley Botanical is meant to keep guests engaged in the space, while staying engaged with each other. Nature is few and far between in NYC, but there are over 400+ species of edible plants that hang from the floor to ceiling windows in this space. Hosting a nonprofit event that focuses on going green? This event space is sure to inspire and get attendees in the right mindset before the program even starts.

Smack in the middle of Tribeca and Soho, Bouley Botanical is conveniently located in Manhattan, but plenty south of Midtown. The quieter part of the island is the perfect spot for this nature themed venue.

The Green Building

LevKuperman_TheGreenBuildingPlease hold while we swoon over the size of those windows. “Natural light” is an absolute luxury in NYC – and The Green Building offers plenty. The 4,000 square foot space has endless possibility for your corporate or nonprofit event.  For example, host a presentation at the front of the room, and feature products behind to bring the experience of the event full circle.

The style of this venue perfectly ties in a rustic feel with the exposed, worn brick; modern vibes with the black slate floor and pipes in the ceiling, and of course pure elegance with the giant windows, curtains, and chandeliers.


The Farm SoHo

Co-workin1g by day, Party by night! With three event spaces meant for presentations, dinners, or casual lounging, this little piece of farm heaven in Soho is worth every penny. The atmosphere is cozy and rustic with a sense of the country right in the middle of the Big City. And with a past client list of Reebok, Zara, L’Oreal and the United Nations, it’s a one size fits all for corporate and nonprofits.

Located on Broadway between SoHo and Little Italy, the venue is super convenient from many subway stations.



Keep an eye out for our next CITY SPOTLIGHT feature, which city are you craving for? Contact us with an inquiry about even more fabulous event spaces that will keep your guests happy, and relaxed in the Big Apple!

Standing the Test of Time: The Marketing Platform that Won’t Fade


Our society is accustomed to obsessing over the latest and greatest products, services, and technologies.  They are exciting, groundbreaking, unique, bigger and better than the previous version and can improve your life! Or so they say.

We’re not knocking advances in our world, it what keeps the globe spinning, and our lives exciting. But, many of these fads fade out because their foundation is not strong enough to uphold over time, or it is easily replaceable by the next big thing.

We’ve seen this over time with marketing and advertising for big businesses, climbing over one another to be the brand pioneers of the newest platform. But shortly after, the platform is saturated with so much content and any small-mid sized business struggles to compete and reach their audience.

So why is it that companies are forgetting what has been a tried and true method to gather their audience, relay their message, and make an impact that dates back, oh we don’t know, thousands of years? We’re talking events.

From the Olympics that date back to the 8th century B.C., to conferences held by community leaders, and millions in between, events have been around the longest and still continue to be one of the best ways to connect with your target audience, and project a message.

Making actual in-person connections are more valuable than ever because the digital versions of ourselves blend in among millions.  At the end of the day, any business transaction is humans servicing other humans, why connect any differently?

But the best aspect of events is that you don’t have to forget about all the fun platforms and technology that do exist out there. In fact, combining them in a way of cross-promotion is a recipe for marketing success. Leveraging your social channels before the event, utilizing technology and trends during the event, and following up with attendees after the event with that no longer “cold” call, are all ways to integrate the best sales, marketing, and advertising choices you can make for your brand in conjunction with your event.

There’s a reason events have survived the years – we dare you to try one out and see what they can do for your brand. Let’s get planning:

Best Features of iOS9 for Event Planners

Oh, Apple. How we love your much anticipated updates to the devices that are glued to our hands 23 hours of the day. In case you missed it, the iOS 9 was released this month with a ton of new features that are making our lives easier. iOS7 was great for event planners as well, but focused more on the design of the interface, whereas iOS 9 is really lookin’ out for our productivity and easier use (yes, please.)

So, how does iOS 9 specifically improve the lives of event planners?

Know which vendors are calling

iOS 9 now relies on the data from your mail app to gather more information on your contacts and guesses an unknown number on the call screen. On event day, we have a dozen vendors that need to call us – yet there is no time (or room in our phones) to add them all as contacts. By guessing the unknown callers, there is a better chance we know exactly who is calling before we hit them with a hello!

Multitasking with 2 Apps

Say what?? This is only available for iPads, but iOS9 allows you to use Split view, and see 2 screens at once. So when you are showing your client the floor plan and want to show an actual picture of the space at the same time, visualizing your event coming to life has never been easier.

Nearby Suggestions in Maps

We know where to get lunch in our HQ city of Stamford but when we are travelling ALL over the country, we need some assistance. When opening maps, there are icons for exactly what you are looking for. Now when you are in The Big Apple and are overwhelmed by all of your food options, Maps gives you a bird’s eye view into an even better pizza place right around the corner.

Getting Every Last Drop of that Battery Life

On event day, our battery life can drain fast and with no downtime to charge, so turning on Low Power Mode to squeeze out every last drop of our battery can be the difference of a crisis or a crisis averted. Unlike Airplane Mode, Low Power Mode allows you to still use all features of your phone, your screen just goes black quicker. That’s something we can work with.

Notes App is Better than Ever

When we are on-site, at venue visits, or need to jot anything down on the go, the Notes App is our go-to. Now iOS9 allows you embed websites, maps and photos in a to-do list. YES! All of the information in one place, at one time.

Now it’s not just our new fancy cases that are the latest addition to our iPhone. Want to see how else we rock the event world from our smart phones? Check out our last post on the apps that keep us in sync and organized inside and outside the office.

Meet Our Summer 2015 Interns!

It’s that time again here at EOE where we welcome our two fabulous 2015 interns.  It is our pleasure to welcome Karen Marin and Tori Rotermund to the team who will be planning and socialin’ away this summer.

Karen Marin, Event Planning Intern

karenKaren Marin is a senior at the University of Connecticut, originally from Norwalk, Connecticut. Next spring she will receive her B.A in Communications with a minor in Business. Karen’s decision to attend UConn was based on its respected academic reputation, strong school spirit and the wide variety of organizations and clubs students can be involved with on campus.

Her outgoing and personable character contributes to her active involvement on and off campus. Karen is always looking for a way to serve her community. At school she demonstrates this through UConn’s Community Outreach and Habitat for Humanity chapters. This past semester she volunteered her spring break to travel with Habitat for Humanity to Avery County, North Carolina to collaborate in eliminating poverty housing in this area of need. Karen was able to make a positive impact on the community by working side by side with other UConn students on a house they were able to finish and hand over to a deserving family.

East of Ellie’s focus on Cause Marketing and Karen’s strong passion for Event Planning and Public Relations caught her interest in EOE. Karen is ready to absorb as much as she can from our team and is delighted to become an active part of East of Ellie as a new Events Intern!

To learn more about Karen, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Tori Rotermund, Social Media Intern


Tori Rotermund is a junior at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.  She chose Bentley for its prestigious business school, proximity to Boston, and beautiful campus. Tori is a Marketing Major because she wants to help brands creatively excite their audiences and gain new markets based on innovative approaches to marketing strategies. She is also interested in user interface design, which led her to minor in Information Design and Corporate Communication. Tori enjoys spending time on social media and realized digital marketing could be a great way to get started in the industry.

At Bentley, Tori is involved with the Campus Activities Board and the Bentley Marketing Association. Tori also plays on Bentley’s women’s lacrosse team, enjoys getting lost on the explore page of Instagram, reading fashion blogs, and loves taking pictures of her golden retriever, Mav. She is passionate about traveling and is excited to study abroad in Barcelona this fall.

Tori found EOE on an internship website and wanted to learn more about cause marketing integrated with event planning and corporate social media marketing. She is looking forward to spending this summer at EOE as the Social Media and Digital Marketing Intern!

To learn more about Tori, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Meet our 2014 Summer Intern!

Yet again it’s that time at the EOE office where we bid a-dew to our 2013 interns – Mallory and Cindy you will certainly be missed – and welcome our fabulous 2014 intern.  It’s my pleasure to welcome Sarah Minch to the team who will be here socialin’ away this summer.  

Sarah Minch

Sarah Minch is a senior at Mercyhurst University, in Erie, Pennsylvania. She chose Mercyhurst for its broad curriculum, small class sizes, engaged professors and a guarantee at hands on learning experiences in every major, especially being undeclared entering freshman year. Sarah’s interest in creating approaches to reach target audiences, and how to break down demographics led her to majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Marketing. Her interest in social media has grown while spending time on the latest trending sites. Also, working in the Mercyhurst Public Relations Department in the Spring 2014, Sarah enjoyed learning how to use different social media sites to reach desired audiences. Sarah also works to promote the campaign, Fresh Face Forward, which spreads awareness about dangerous chemicals in cosmetic products, through social media outlets on the Mercyhurst campus.

Sarah found EOE on an internship website and wanted to learn more about cause marketing, strategic planning approaches and how EOE became what it is today. Sarah also plays on the university’s Women’s lacrosse team, enjoys spending hours on Pinterest, watching numerous television series on Netflix and the most recent Marvel movies, reading, lifeguarding at the town pool and spending time with family, friends and her dog, Jenny. She’s looking forward to spending this summer at EOE.

To learn more about Sarah check out her LinkedIN profile!

Summer Tent Inspirations

Untitled2With summer just around the corner, outdoor events are a must. But, what about a backup plan? Adding a unique tent to an otherwise basic event can make all the difference. The use of tents can further indulge guests into the theme. Below are some of our favorite tent inspirations from BizBash to make your next outdoor event more memorable.


The Grand Marakesh from Raj Tents is a perfect example for a theme. Moroccan theme comes to life under this tent with silk drapes, area rugs and chandlers.  While sitting on plush cushions at low tables enjoy the splash of color around you.


This tent is great for an event that starts midday and ends later in the night. The Savannah Series Tents, by Sperry Fabric Architecture, allows for natural lighting during the day and indoor lighting that project further from the tent giving guests the chance to enjoy themselves even longer.


Not sure if the outdoor terrain is equip for a tent? The Flex Tent, from Flex Tent Company, can brave any landscape challenge. From wrapping around trees to dodging boulders, the flex tent can adjust to uneven surfaces and comes in different colors and designs to match any event theme.

To find more tents to incorporate into an outdoor event, see our Pinterest Board! Not sure of what tent to choose? Ask us, we can help choose one for an upcoming event.

Special thanks for BizBash for their great tent feature that inspired this post!

How to Execute a Bold Event Theme

It’s no secret that bold colors and in your face style event props have been a huge trend in 2014.  It takes one dynamic idea to build an event theme around.  We’ve done Andy Warhol Inspired Events, events around a Perrier bottle, and so much more.  Question is, what makes a bold idea successful?  Here are our tips and tricks on how to execute when given a theme that begs to be bold.

1. Play up the drama – Drama can be good and bad depending on what context you are using it in.  In events, drama needs to come from small touches that play into a larger theme.  If it is everywhere it can get overwhelming for guests and look kitschy. 

2. Consistency is key – It’s vital to have the theme carried throughout the experience.  Using color and patterns is an easy way to execute this.  Think about the small touches that will make your event unique – like food and beverage and decor.  How can your theme tie in and surprise and delight your guests?

3.  Get your guests to interact – A theme can come up short if your guests don’t have the chance to fully interact with it.  Think about how the boldness can be incorporated into the guests experience and/or be shared in social media.  We’ve consolidated some great ideas on our Pinterest board with Unexpected Branding at Events.

Overall if your event is consistent and well executed your guests will get the chance to really enjoy your event.  For some of our favorite bold events in 2014 check out our Pinterest board.  Contact us to learn more about how we can create a bold event for you!

Unexpected Summer Cocktails

As you begin to plan your events for this summer, consider stepping up your drink menu to something that will surprise your guests.  At EOE, we don’t do anything that just touches on ordinary and simply pleases guests, we want to bring the WOW factor into every part of your event. A fun and unique cocktail menu is a perfect way to get any party started and if executed perfectly can be a memorable part of your event. See our list of unexpected summer cocktails including our signature EOE yellow drink!

1.   Cranberry Ginger Vanilla Margarita with Sugared Cranberries

This drink can be prepared for any season. The cranberries hint at autumn, while ginger and vanilla flavors bring in the winter season, and who doesn’t love a margarita in the summer!

2.   Watermelon Malibu Surf

If this drink doesn’t drift your mind off into a tropical oasis, we don’t know what will. Fresh fruit blended with coconut cream and rum is perfect for any summer event. We love how these are garnished with miniature watermelon wedges!

3.   Popsicle Cocktails

We love how creative and fun these cocktails look! For a light spritzer drink; combine equal parts champagne and ginger ale. For a fruity and stronger cocktail, add 3 parts ginger ale to 1 part white rum or vodka. Add the popsicles to either version right before serving and watch them dissolve as guests enjoy!

4.   Chili Cucumber Margarita

For guests that want to try a refreshing drink with a kick, the Chili Cucumber Margarita is sure to satisfy. Combining fresh cucumber, lime juice with tequila, triple sec, and cayenne pepper will have you feeling like you’re at an authentic Mexican fiesta!

5.   EOE’s Hard Lemonade

Our obsession with the color yellow continues with our own signature drink. Okay, so we didn’t have time to create our own recipe, but the Food Network helped us out. Instead of buying pre-bottled hard lemonade, taking the time to create this cocktail from scratch will make all the difference.  Fresh lemon, hints of lime, and vanilla flavored vodka is a perfect summer drink to celebrate all of EOE’s success!

Have you ever created your own unique signature cocktail? See our Pinterest board for more ideas on unique summer cocktails to take your summer event to the next level!

Graduation EOE Style

The beginning of May means the beginning of graduation parties. College grads around the country are finishing up their finals and begin their transition into real careers and independent lives. After completing 16 years of schooling, we believe that is definitely a reason to celebrate. Most have already had their high school graduation parties but we believe this celebration calls to kick it up a notch. Since this is a celebration of closing the chapter of adolescent life and entering the young adult one, it’s time to throw an event as equally exciting.

The Guest List –Deciding whether this will be a small family event or a sendoff bash with all of your fellow grads can pull the event in different directions completely. Then again if your family still parties like they are in college, you can easily mix the two groups together! Once the approximate number of guests is set, an appropriate venue can be chosen.

The Venue – The best venues to use for any springtime event is one that allows guests to utilize indoor and outdoor space. If it is a 70 degree sunny day, nobody will want to be cooped up inside, but in case of a torrential downpour, a guaranteed indoor space is ideal. Choose a venue that is appropriate for the amount of guests you anticipate on attending; too big of an event space can lack intimacy and interaction, and too small can have your guests feeling cramped and unhappy.

Picking the Date – Since many of your friends will be graduating and throwing parties of their own, coordinate dates with your closest friends. Nobody wants to pick and choose which graduation event to attend between friendships. Avoid drama and hurt feelings at all costs!

Décor – Remember, we are out-doing your high school grad event, so no more tacky “Class of 2014” banners on the walls. Step your décor up a notch with creative DIY ideas shown on our Pinterest board here.

Food & Drinks – Though you may have been purchasing cheap alcohol and fast food during for most of your college career, entering adulthood means beginning to appreciate higher quality drinks and food. Meet with the bartender of your venue ahead of time and impress your guests with signature cocktails and classy drinks. Getting the event catered from a great local restaurant can alleviate stress and ensure a great meal that won’t leave your guests hungry!

Congratulations to all graduates of the Class of 2014! A special Congrats to our own grads, Cindy Kapp and Mallory Walsh! We hope your event is as successful as your future!

EOE’s Favorite Marketing Activations at Coachella

One of the most popular music festivals of the year started this past week in the deserts of California. We’re talking about Coachella, where thousands of young people come together for 2 weeks to celebrate music, show off their boho-style fashion, and have an overall great time. It’s no surprise that since there are thousands of people at this event festival that there are hundreds of Corporations right there with them setting up their own tents to market their brand. Inside these tents are activities and free products for the Coachella attendees. For brands that have a target demographic fitting the profile for the young people who go to Coachella, marketing at this event is absolutely genius. Here are EOE’s favorite marketing activations at Coachella.

Instagram Madness: Don’t worry about your target market that didn’t attend the festival – chances are, your logo will appear somewhere in the background of their friend’s Instagram picture. Currently under the hashtag #coachella, there are 865,000 images and counting. H&M has the right idea by incorporating a photo booth in their Coachella tent. Though they won’t directly upload to the photo app, who doesn’t love Instagraming their photo booth strips?

Events at an Event: That’s right, brands are hosting their own events at Coachella. Lacoste hosted a live pool party at a private estate near the festival, and yes, it included blow up alligators in the pool. To incorporate more branding, the event included a pop-up shopping area of Lacoste products with proceeds going to the Voice Project. An event, their product, and marketing of their cause marketing efforts? Well done, Lacoste. With Kendall Jenner in attendance sipping on her Lacoste branded coconut drink seen on her Instagram (also seen by millions of her followers), we’d say this was a huge success.

Haircuts and Alcohol: New Amsterdam took a completely out of the box approach when setting up their marketing station by incorporating an old-school style barber shop around their products. Guests could have their haircut or a shave for free. We’re not really following the connection to the brand but we appreciate its uniqueness and the fact that people are going to look and admire it. Some guys that have been camping out for a few days may definitely need a shave, let’s just hope the stylists haven’t had to many samples of New Amsterdam’s product before they get behind a razor!

We absolutely love seeing creative branding at events and believe it’s one of the best ways to get the most positive exposure for a brand. Coachella is more than a music concert, it’s a complete experience and these Corporations delivered on contributing to that for the attendees. To see more branding at Coachella see our Pinterest board here.

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month and companies are showing off their cause marketing skills by raising awareness in creative ways. Events are the perfect marketing outlet to get creative with awareness – from covering over two football fields in puzzle pieces, to gathering the funniest celebs for a night dedicated to Autism awareness.  Check out how these companies showcased their support.

Alex Toys hosted a fundraising event where 28,000 puzzle pieces were put together over a space the size of two-and-a-half football fields.

Jet Blue airways has teamed up with Charles River Center and Logan Airport to provide an amazing program for children with Autism and their families called Wings for Autism. The program provides an airport rehearsal exclusively for families with children of Autism to see how comfortable they would be in a real life airport experience. Many families were able to see that their children could handle the stress, noise, and atmosphere of an airport. This video documents the process, talks to leaders of the programs, and shows how much of an impact a simple rehearsal can have on the families who struggle with this disorder.

Though Comedy Central is all about making people laugh, it’s view on raising money and awareness for Autism is far from a joke. Each year they host the Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs show which benefits programs across the country in support of individuals with Autism that desperately need quality services. In 2010, Night of Too Many Stars, through its partner organization, New York Collaborates for Autism, gave more than $3.1 million in grants to 41 programs in 13 states.

Whether it’s using the famous puzzle piece logo to raise awareness, giving families the experience they deserve, or gathering the celebrity world together to raise money, every bit counts to support this cause.  To learn more about Autism awareness month, click here.

April Showers bring May Flowers Event

April has arrived and the spring weather is finally on its way! Though the sunny mild days that are in the near future to come are wonderful, we can’t forget about the countless rainy days the spring weather brings to New England. As you prepare to take out your rain boots, umbrellas, and rain jackets, we want you to celebrate and embrace this rainy weather in our favorite way – through an event! We’ve gathered our favorite tips on how to transform your event space into a unique April showers bring May flowers event!

East of Ellie April Showers 1

We’ve seen many types of crazy and unique centerpieces, but this one is completely amazing! Though there is a small rose bouquet in the middle of the table, we can’t stop looking up at these umbrellas that capture the attention more than the centerpieces do. This surprising element really provides the wow-factor for this space. We also love the gold incorporated into this color palette because it defies the typical spring pastel and really makes the pinks pop!East of Ellie April Showers 2


Cocktails are always a great way to have your event theme shine through. Keep your April Showers theme rolling with these delicious looking drinks that incorporate the umbrellas with a vibrant pop of red color.


Have a high ceiling in your event space? Don’t let all the open space go to waste! This colorful array of suspended umbrellas will have guests mesmerized. Is it just us or does it feel like we were just transported into the middle of a Disney® movie? Though this décor does give off a youthful feel, it could work with any audience who can appreciate a little fun.

East of Ellie April Showers 3

We can’t forget about the positive outcome of the April showers, which of course is the blooming of May flowers! These marshmallow tulips are a great dessert option for an event that does not have a cake (or just go for both). The pearl sprinkles that fall on top of the marshmallows give an elegant touch to this sweet treat!

East of Ellie April Showers 4

This rustic and organic looking centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous and would fit into this event theme flawlessly. We love the use of rain boots. The muted baby blue color choice pairs impeccably with the light pink and white floral arrangement within.

Celebrate the beauty of spring and all of its craziness using our tips for throwing the perfect April showers bring May flowers event! Want to see how to incorporate this theme into more décor elements at your party? See our Pinterest board here and get planning!East of Ellie April Showers 5

PANTONE® Color of 2014: Host a Radiant Orchid Inspired Event

Every year for the last decade our friends at PANTONE® have launched a color of the year.  This years color – Radiant Orchid – is bragged about by PANTONE as “a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

PANTONE’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design.  So naturally the team at EOE thinks of how this can apply in the world of events.  We were just as inspired, if not more, to include the color of the year into our event design and décor. Here’s an EOE take on this years color, Radiant Orchid.


When it comes to incorporating color into any event it’s important to look at your design from three angles:

  1. The experience on the ground – The most impactful thing you can do is infuse all your decor details with color, like this fabulous Jamali Buddha in our PANTONE color. Using complimentary colors along with the PANTONE color in floral arrangements can create a subtle contrast while still being true to the theme of your event.  Check out this gorgeous design using lavender, hydrangea and roses in different shades of purple.
  2. The experience above you – something as simple as a hanging lantern can bring peoples attention off the dance floor to the beauty that is above them.  This year, something as simple as hanging orchids (in which the actual color draws its inspiration from) can create a dynamic mood.   You can also drape fabric or hang colored glass to create an experience wrapped in purple.
  3. The experience all around you – Lighting is one of the most important, if not the most important piece of any event.  Having proper lighting can highlight special details that you’ve placed your time and budget into.  Whether it’s pin spotting or actual chandeliers, it’s important to ensure they make their way into your event.

Food and Beverage:

Incorporating color into your food and cocktails for the evening is one of the easiest and most dramatic event techniques in the book.  Check out some of our favorite purple inspired treats and cocktails here.

Dress Code:

We’ve all heard about P Diddy’s infamous White Parties.  Why not have a Purple Party?  We’ve got some gorgeous PANTONE looks here.

Get Inspired:

There are lots of fun and unconventional things that you can do with color.  Look at great, successful events like The Color Run.  Why not get a little quirky and host some color games?  Try something like this cool version of Twister with paint, or why not make things interesting and get some paint involved.  Face painting is not just for kids anymore.

For more ideas to inspire your 2014 Pantone check out our Pinterest board.

Special thanks to PANTONE for their details on the 2014 color of the year.


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